Wednesday, November 25, 2009

After a long break ..Flexing back

Ha ..where had I been .. I had been to Delhi to be the "King" .. Nyways .. I had been preparing for Civil Services Exam and now I am back with some time ..

Here is something which I one of my friend asked to do .. a panel group which people can traverse across easily . Something I built

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Flex profiler

Hey people if you think your Flex application is hogging memory .. then Profiler is something you people should have a look at . SRp has prepared a PPT to explain the features of "Flex profiler" .

Tree chart for Flex

Nancy had asked for a sample on TreeChart . Here is a quick component I built for
Nancy . Ofcourse you can customise colours .. Sorrry I think my colour combinations are bad

You can download the source here
Usage :
1> Tree chart takes Hierarchical data as input .
2> Every node should have Name(Level as used in example[ It gets displayed in the chart] ) and value ( per in the example [ its the percentage]) and color ( the color of the area)
3> labelName should be mapped to Name and perName should be mapped to value

Look at the sample named testChart from the downloaded source .
Thank You Nancy for bringing up a good requirement :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hi people there is some confusion created about the swc . So here is the swc which I now is definitely working . . .
I ll detail the procedure of how to build your swc in the flexbuilder soon in the next post .

PopUpButton sometimes have to be clicked twice to open .

Hi guys ,
Sometimes you will encounter a situation when you will have to click your popupButton twice .
So to overcome this behaviour

replace the following code in the sdk's PopUpButton code

private function removeFromStageHandler(event:Event):void
_popUp = null

private function removeFromStageHandler(event:Event):void
_popUp = null

All i have done is check if the Popup is showing up before setting to null .
If the popup is not showing up then dont set the _popUp to null ;

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to use the PivotComponent

If you want to provide "pivot Table" functionalities to ur application .. Just download the swc
from this post of mine .

You can see through the installation and samples there in the source , But just to give u a picture of how easy it is to use , say You have gotta do is

<fc:PivotComponent dataProvider="{flatData}" width="100%" height="100%">
<fc:DimensionList dataProvider="{flatData}" height="100%" width="100%"
color= "0xFFFFFF" alternatingItemColors="[0x000000,0x000000]"/>
<fc:MeasuresList dataProvider="{['Sales', 'Production', 'Cost']}" height="100%"
width="100%" id="m1" color= "0xFFFFFF" />
<fc:OLAPChartExtension height="100%" width="100%" measuresList="{m1}">
type="Column" showDataTips="true"/>
<fc:OLAPDataGridExtension width="100%" height="100%"/>

Isnt it easy ?? Hey I have skipped the Layouting for displaying simplicity [ Use HBoxes and VBoxes to layout ]

[I think I have to come up with a component to poste codes .. Any suggestions .. please do give]

Performing Drilldown/up in charts

Sreenivas Had developed a sample which shows how to drill down and up in charts effectively .
If you are looking for a drilldown/up chart visit this blog