Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Performing Drilldown/up in charts

Sreenivas Had developed a sample which shows how to drill down and up in charts effectively .
If you are looking for a drilldown/up chart visit this blog


Fernabel said...

Satish, great work! I have a question for you. I'm trying to work with olap with large data (a table with a 100000 records), and the time that flex take to create the cube is huge. The best solution that i found was don't use olap, and draw my self the grid, but still the performance is low.. do you have any experience like that?

Satish T J said...

Actually in theory for OLAP performance should not matter with number of records .. it depends on number of dimensions and hierarchies.

But since in flex the entire cube is memory [ thats the speciality ] number of records does matter but not that significant as compared to number of dimensions.

In the above scenario I am not computing the cube initially . Only when the user drags and drops some field on to the grid .. I compute the cube with required dimensions .. cube will have only relevant data .

How are you constructing the cube ?
Are you constructing the cube at the beginning with all dimensions?

flexgames said...

hi, do u have pie chart on your todo list for this component?

MENDONÇA said...
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MENDONÇA said...

good afternoon. I am from Brazil and would like to know if this component can be used like trade and the problem of the filter descarmar all values to solve?